Monday, February 28, 2005

Medical Hat, Briefly

This time, I would like to present a teaser to get you to go to a site that kept me from getting started on this blog earlier. The site has an article that says animal studies show that the placenta is not a barrier to alcohol. The mother and the fetus test the same for blood alcohol content. A related article says that 10 percent of pregnant women drink alcohol.

If you have or have had any interest in things medical you might like to sign up to get their email like I do. But while you are there take a good look at other kinds of articles. You may find some that interest you more than the medical. Try the site for a couple of weeks or a month. They say that it is easy to get to get them to stop sending their stuff if you change your mind. The web site is

Oh, if you know any pregnant women, or even some women who are about to get married, you might tell them about this too.


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