Sunday, March 20, 2005

Heteros Down, Gays & Lesbians Up

Neither the gay nor the straight scientists could figure out why it happened. People ask me to give them at least a clue, but I don't have a clue either. So the following is as good as I can do.

From a galaxy far, far away, a huge boulder broke off and came spinning toward the earth. Lucky for us it did not strike any populated areas, but it did hit the north pole and that made everything topsy-turvy, including the population's attitude toward sexual orientations. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and so forth were now at the top of the heap and the heterosexuals, who became known as the HH (for "hated heteros"), were at the bottom and many of them were digging themselves even deeper!

After a long while a kindly lesbian said, "Do you not remember that many same-sex oriented people used to hide in the closet? So many of us tried hiding who we were. Does that sound like a great, simple solution to you? It is not! Just one time I played in a closet and knocked down some of my dad’s white work shirts that my mother had just washed, ironed, and hung up in there. I got spanked with a long-handled wooden spoon. But my mother still loved me and I still loved her. There was no long-term loss for either of us.

"On the other hand, if you are an HH person in the closet, one--just one--mistake might haunt you the rest of your life. The only place you can relax your guard is when you are at home alone with your partner. And even there if your partner says or has done something wonderful for you and you feel like kissing your partner's lips off , maybe you should get up and close the curtains so your neighbor walking his dog past your place won't catch a glimpse of you in action because he might out you. How would that go over with your boss at work? How about your co-workers? Friends?"


I was hoping to get you into a fantasy of your own about what it would be like to suddenly have the opposite of your true sexual orientation. Do you think the lesbian was truly kind or do you think she was after revenge?


I have a new-- to me--book: Silent Lives: How High a Price? by Sara L. Boesser, published by Hamilton Books, an imprint of University Press of America, Inc. It's written to facilitate personal reflections and group discussions about sexual orientation.

You should buy or borrow and read this book. My wife says she got my copy through


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