Friday, April 15, 2005

Is This Discrimination or What?

The following came to me by snail mail from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The text is under the picture of a bride and groom, obviously just married.
Congratulations on your marriage! To honor this special occasion the U.S. government is happy to present to you:

1. Access to social security after a spouse's death.
2. Access to health insurance through a spouse's workplace.
3. The right to custody of children after divorce.
4. Visitation rights for nonbiological children.
5. Joint parenting rights such as access to children's school records.
6. Bereavement leave after the death of a spouse.
7. Burial determination after the death of a spouse.
8. Domestic violence intervention.
9. Sick leave to care for a spouse or nonbiological child.
10. Legal validation of a long-term relationship.
11. Ability to live in neighborhoods deemed "families only."
12. Access to life insurance in a spouse’s workplace.
13. Access to survivor benefits in case of emergency.
14. Access to spouse’s benefits in case of emergency.
15. Ability to file wrongful death claims.
16. Right to shared property, child support and alimony after divorce.
17. Ability to file joint home and auto insurance policies.
18. Joint rental leases with automatic renewal rights if spouse dies or leaves.
19. Automatic inheritance of retirement savings tax free after spouse's death.
20. Automatic exemption of property tax increases on shared assets gained after spouse’s death.
21. Ability to file joint tax returns.
22. Access to tax breaks for married couples.
23. Veterans' discounts based on spouse's armed forces status.
24. Assumption of spouse's pension after death.
25. Ability to file joint bankruptcy.
26. Ability to collect unemployment benefits after leaving a job to relocate because of spouse's job move.
27. Ability to transfer property from one spouse to another without transfer tax consequences.
28. Access to fostering children.
29. Automatic next of kin status for emergency medical decisions and hospital visitation status.
30. Immigration and residency priority for spouses from other countries.
31. Ability to invoke spousal privilege in a court of law.
32. Access to reduced-rate memberships at health clubs, social clubs, and other organizations.
33. Prison visitation rights.

All of the above are reserved for unions that consist of one man and one woman.

What do same-sex couples get? Nothing.

Numbering was my own idea, not the Task Force's.

I am sure the Task Force would gladly accept any donations you would like to make.


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